þ Ability to design and build Rotary Joint tailored to your work in design and development unit (R & D)

þ Removing the casting process in the production RMB model Rotary Joints and the use of original material extruded with the manufacturer analysis.

þ Using CNC machines to produce parts

þ Using of Germany compacted graphite Holographic Principle (MAX 3000 per minute)

þ If the customer orders using silicon carbide (SGL EK20) instead of the original German compacted graphite, with long life and For use at high speeds (MAX 12000 per minute)

þ Using high-quality Korean bearings (On request of the customer there is the possibility of installing fire-resistant bearings

þ Use of steel spring with a very high lifetime

þ Stringent monitoring of individual parts by the quality control unit

þ Testing all produced rotary joints before packing


·        Body burst pressure test,  under the pressure of up to 32bar within 15 minutes( according to STD schedule)

·        No leakage Test under the pressure of 4 bar for 10 minutes (test conditions is changeable according to customer)

·        Rotating Test between 56 to 450 rpm for 10 minutes

·        Used materials hardness test

·        Compacted graphite density test

þ  Providing report of production process and and final test for all produced rotary joints

þ Providing report of production process and and final test for all

þ Insert Order Number for All components (for reorder and requests for spare parts)

þ   Sending spare parts to the all around of the world ( order number is necessary)

þ 4000 hours guaranty (under specific conditions guaranty time is expandable)

þ 5 years warranty

þ Economic savings for the buyer than the other sample

þ Buy and delivered in the shortest time anywhere in the world



Reasonable prices, high quality, shortest delivery time

“MGA” brand Rotary Joint characterized by this

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