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We know our customer as friend, liked them, and we are proud of them .we have tried to spend our income to increase the staffs technical science at different levels than making a deceptive appearance in the society . we based our marketing program on the technical managers knowledge and experiences and attract the customers  by  introducing our abilities to them . we know the wages are a norm in business but we first base our trading relations on the quality of our products and this is our identity.

 Mehregan industrial co first has started its activities since 1969 in the field of producing industrial parts

Since the first of establishment of the factory the managers vision based on industrial alliance and consultation with specialists and experienced managers for solving industrial problems and producing more qualified industrial parts according to this factor this factory started its work as industrial group.

This industrial group after passing 40 years and overcome numerous industrial disasters is matured now and continue to its activities in 5 distinct parts but under the  single management  with the view of Iranian product , worldwide quality.


MEHREGAN industrial group by having software and hardware equipments for reverse engineering the industrial facilities, modeling and casting colored metals ,multiple of iron and steel including A216- GRAD WCB, WCC,WC9 ، LCC , LCB ,is specialist in designing ,manufacturing and providing the spare parts of the machinery and industrial valves including (piston valve , regulator valve , rotary valve ) , rotary joints including ( rotary joint , swivel joints ). In addition due to having well trained experts in repair unit we are able to repair and reconstruction different  kinds of valves such as (Slide valve ، Gate valve ، Ball valve ، Globe valve, Piston valve , Rotary joint , Check valve , Control valve, Regulator valve, Butterfly valve ) so we are ready to proudly provide services to industrial companies and relevant industries.


This factory a year after participating in the international exhibitions of valve world 2004(Specialized Exhibition of Industrial valves located in the city of Maastricht, Netherlands) received the certificate ISO 9001: 2000 and IQ.NET and again in 2006 took part in valve world exhibition and has achieved good results from it.

MEHREGAN Industrial Group is now one of the best designers and manufacturers of spare parts of rubber industry machinery and rotary joints machine in IRAN. We tried to achieve this position by having a systematic plan, proper implementation of organizational goals, spending exorbitant expenses and patient.

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