Rotary joint

Rotary joint is a fluid (liquid or gas) transferring valve in forms of (hot and cold) and is used in parts that we need to transfer the fluid during the rotation.

In our production line we produced 2 groups of rotary joints, low rotational speed rotary joints ( less than 150 RPM) with the pre-code RMZ and high rotational speed rotary joints(MAX 5000 RPM)  with the pre-code RMB

All the produced rotary joints will be tested completely for 10 minutes under the pressure of 4 bars and rotational speed of 56rpm for RMZ group and 450rpm for RMB group.

More than 20 models of rotary joints is being produced in this factory and according to establishment the R&D unit, and also by having software and hardware equipment’s for designing and production ,this factory is able to design and produce tailored rotary joints  for different  industries .

MEHREGAN industrial group have invented 3 brand new rotary joints and hopefully is looking forward to achieve improvement and innovation in all fields of industry.

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