Aria Rotary Joint

Aria Rotary Joint



Flow: Steam, hot oil, cold & hot water (please check model series for select flow)

Max working pressure: 4 bar (working pressure available on request)

Max working temperature: 300 deg . Centigrade 

Max speed: 100 rpm

Connection: screw (other connection type are available on request)

Size: 1/2 ~ 2 inch

Advantage of ARYA rotary joint:

1- This is only model of rotary joint that is spring has been moved from corrosive environment to none-corrosive, you don’t need to use stainless steel spring any more. Spring is located in oil container.                                                   

2- In this type of rotary joint, against other kind of rotary joint, torque load that causes fracture in spring, has been remove from spring.

3- In this model, lubricating system has been design for shaft.

4- a container of oil has been designed in this model in order lubricating movement parts that those are in gage with each other.                                        

5- In this special way of rotary joint designing, there isn't any bothering stuff like spring string in outlet.

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